I’m a native Coloradoan with deep ancestral roots in the railroads of La Junta, in southeastern Colorado, the plains of Nebraska and west Texas.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado. I was lucky to have an excellent Girl Scout leader, who, in addition to leading and mentoring by example, took us hiking and camping at every opportunity. I have a deep love of the mountains of Colorado and the west.

I have worked for years in the smooth, slick world of computer technology. Several years ago, I was called back to my roots – called to recapture the other half of who I am -- called back to the peace and quiet beauty of our world, and I moved to The Wet Mountain Valley, at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

With the aid of my camera, I seek to illustrate the rich texture of what gives meaning to my life; to share captured images of the beauty and mystery of our world and to immerse the viewer in the moment of the photo.